Beautiful handmade-crafted projects

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14 Jul 2024

Notion Clone

Local-First Notion Clone built with Expo and Prisma ORM

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30 Jun 2024

React Navigation Form Sheet

Learn about the React Navigation Form Sheet.

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29 Jun 2024

React Navigation v7

Learn about the new React Navigation v7, Static Routes, Authentication Flows, Animations, etc.

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28 Jun 2024

Expo Linear Gradient

Learn to use react-native-gifted-charts library to create a beautiful, pixel-perfect charts.

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26 Jun 2024

React Native Charts Tutorial

Learn to use react-native-gifted-charts library to create a beautiful, pixel-perfect charts.

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24 Jun 2024

Snapchat Camera Clone

Learn to build a Snapchat-like camera app using Expo Camera in React Native. We'll cover permissions, taking photos/videos, saving media, and QR code scanning.

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22 Jun 2024

Master SF Symbols in React Native with Expo Symbols

In-depth tutorial on using the Expo Symbols package with React Native, covering installation, Android fallbacks, symbol animation, customization and more.

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21 Jun 2024

Blur Bottom Sheet with React Navigation

Here's my new video! In this video, we explore how to integrate a bottom sheet view using just React Navigation. We tweak presentation options, combine custom styling with Expo Blur View, and achieve a beautiful final result. At the end, we discuss some limitations, alternatives, and best practices for this kind of sheet.

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17 Feb 2024

Budget Buddy App

Real world budget app built with SQLite

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27 Aug 2023

Talk GPT

Talk with Chat GPT in real-time built with React Native Expo

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12 Aug 2023

Sign In with Github

Integrate Sign In with GitHub with React Native

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18 Jul 2023

Threads Clone

Threads Clone built with Expo 49

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20 Jun 2023

Uploading videos & images to Firebase Storage

Upload Videos an Images to Firebase Storage with React Native.

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4 Jun 2023

React Native Firebase Google Sign In

Learn how to authenticate users with Google and Firebase in your React Native Expo application

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27 May 2023

React Navigation for Beginners

Learn to integrate complex navigation flows with React Native Navigation

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9 May 2023

Tutorial Keyboard Avoiding View

Learn how to use KeyboardAvoidingView with React Native

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21 Apr 2023

Sign In with Google

Sign In with Google using React Native Expo and expo-auth-session

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9 Apr 2023

Animated Bottom Tab

Create an Animated Bottom Tab with React Native and Reanimated. (typescript, CLI)

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3 Apr 2023

Facebook Login

Learn how to integrate Sign In with Facebook on your React Native Expo App.

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12 Mar 2023

Animated List

Create an Animated List with React Native and Reanimated.

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24 Feb 2023

Snake 🐍 Game

Create a classic 🐍 Snake Game with React Native

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18 Feb 2023

Animated Splash Screen

Transform your app's splash screen from a boring static image to an eye-catching animated display with Lottie animations! 🚀🎨

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11 Feb 2023

Full Stack To Do App

Build a Full Stack App with RN, Express and MYSQL.

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1 Feb 2023

To Do List - Vanilla JS

Build a beautiful To Do List with Vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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4 Jan 2023

Hidden Letter

Learn how to build a fun and interactive game using React, Hidden Letter

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26 Dec 2022


Create a Minesweeper game with React Native.

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14 Nov 2022

Memory Game

Learn how to create a Memory game with React Native.

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02 Oct 2022

E-Commerce UI

E-commerce UI built with React Native and NativeWind wich allow us to style using tailwind CSS. With Dark Mode support.

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24 Sep 2022

Dark Mode Example

Learn how to integrate dark mode in your website

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21 Sep 2022

Bottom Sheet Modal

Learn how create a Twitter like bottom modal with React Native

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23 Aug 2022

Custom Fonts

Learn how to use custom fonts with React Native Expo.

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2 Aug 2022

Expo 46

Example project showing Expo 46 new features

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23 Jul 2022

Neumorphic Design

Neumorphic Design with React Native and Skia

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17 Jul 2022


Recoil is a state management library for React.

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13 Jul 2022

Blur Effect

Tutorial blur effect with react, css and javascript

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9 Jul 2022


FlashList example using Expo Client

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27 Jun 2022

Sign In with Google

Sign In with Google using React Native Expo

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May 28, 2022

2D Game

2D Game made just with JavaScript HTML and CSS

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May 20, 2022

React Native Camera

React Native Camera example with expo

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May 16, 2022

Login with Tailwind

Beautiful login page with Tailwind CSS and React

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May 9, 2022

CRUD Firebase

Firebase Create, Read, Update, Delete, crud in react native

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Apr 29, 2022

Skeleton RN

Skeleton using Moti and Suspense for React Native

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25 Apr 2022

Modal RN

Custom Modal with React Native CLI

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19 Apr 2022

Google Maps

Google Maps App using React Native and Expo

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14 Apr 2022

Fullstack App

Fullstack App using React Native, Graphql, Apollo, Nodejs, and more.

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11 Apr 2022

Styled Components

Styled Components with React Native example

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Apr 9, 2022

Suspense Example

React Native Example of how to use Suspense

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Apr 8, 2022

Suspense Example

Example of how to use Suspense with React 18

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Mar 23, 2022


Infoji is a web app that shows information about emojis. Build with React, TypeScript, Nextjs, and Tailwindcss.

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Mar 23, 2022

Tailwind with RN

Example of TailwindCSS with React Native

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Mar 17, 2022

Local Authentication

Local authentication with Expo Go

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Mar 8, 2022


Simple calculator with dark mode

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11 Feb 2022

Minimalistic To Do

A minimalistc to do app made using React Native and Redux

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16 Jan 2022

Chat App

Real-time chat app built with RN, Firebase, and Firestore.

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3 Jan 2022

Pokedex App

Pokedex made using React Native, Redux and the Pokenode-ts API.

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25 Nov 2021

Coinbase Clone

Coinbase clone using Redux, Crypto Compare and CoinMarketCap APIs