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Threads Clone

Hey 👋

Welcome back, friend! In this project, we are creating a pixel-perfect clone of the famous Threads App

This project is built with React Native and TypeScript. We will be using Expo Router 2.0 to manage navigation. It also includes animations and mock data that closely resembles real data, enhancing the realism of this clone


yarn add lottie-react-native
npx expo install expo-image
yarn add -D @faker-js/faker


  • Animation: The animation that we use in the video was picked from Lootie Files, and the author of this beautiful animation is Bhargav Savaliya. Make sure you chaeck his cool work
  • Fake Data: For creating fake data we use fakerjs, which allows us to generate massive amounts of fake (but realistic) data for testing and development
  • Images: To handle the loading of images gracefully we use expo-image this component comes with great features such as blur hash, transitions, support for various formats and more!

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