Sat Mar 12 2022
Hey 👋, I'm Alberto

When I was 15 years old I got my first Apple product, an iPod touch 2nd generation. I was fascinated by how thin and light it was, the beautiful design, responsiveness, and simplicity. I started thinking, what else can I do with this iPod? Well, between us, I learned how to jailbreak and install appsthat weren't available on the AppStore and change the default iOS appearance. Walking around in my neighborhood in Mexico, I remember hacking my neighbors wifi using my 2nd generation iPod. 😅

Since then, I have been amazed by what we can do with technology but mostly software development. This is why I decided to study computer science.

I graduated from college in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. After graduating I moved to the U.S. and am now living in Atlanta, GA with my wife. During this time, I have developed and published mobile apps and web applications, started a Youtube channel, and blog.

Development Experience


I currently have published 5 apps on different platforms, such as the AppStore, Google Play, and even Amazon Appstore.I've also developed several other smaller apps that I use in my Youtube tutorials to give real examples.


I currently have two active websites and a few landing pages created for my apps.

Open Source

I believe in open source. Some of the best tools that I use in my day to day are open source. Because of this,I decided I wanted to contribute. So far I've been able to contribute to:

Development Tools

Front-end experience

My favorite framework to use when developing applications and websites is React and React Native. When utilizing these I like using Redux to manage the state of the app and Javascript for the programming language. Although I also like using Typescript in larger projects.

Back-end experience

I have the most experience with AWS. Using tools like Amplify, S3, DynamoDB,Cognito, GraphQL. Personally, I like AWS because even if it's only me working on an app I can easily make it full-stack

Entrepreneurial Experience

I have an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit and a strong conviction to create something that benefits society.


I decided to start my own Youtube channel because as a young college student I notice a lack of high-quality mobile and web development videos in Spanish.I decided to share the bit of knowledge I've gained throughout my career to bridge this gap.It is my goal to create the best Spanish tutorials and courses so that others don't have to strugglelearning the content as I did.

My videos focus on teaching best web practices, mobile development, and UI/UX. Creating these tutorials also allowed me to relearn some topics to better teach them. I hope to soon create my own courses dedicated to development.

Eco Studios

because as a young college student Motivated by the passion I have for software development and curiosity for new technologies, my brother and I founded Eco Studios, a digital studio that provides services such as design, development, and deployment of websites and mobile apps.


I recently decided to start my blog. My goal is to share some of my experiences throughout my journey as a Software Engineer. It also allows me to improve my writing skills.

I know I still have lots to learn. As many devs say, 'The job of a Software Engineer is to always be learning.' If you are a Software Engineer who craves to learn, is interested in creating apps, I invite you to join my community and let's develop together.

Thanks for reading. 😁

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish" | Steve Jobs 2005