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Dive into the basics of React and TypeScript. This section provides a solid foundation by explaining what React and TypeScript are, the differences between a library and a framework, and why and when to choose NextJS as a framework.

Development Environment

Master the essential tools for React development. Learn how to set up Node.js, initialize a new React app, manage your project with GitHub, and deploy your first application.

TypeScript Fundamentals

Immerse yourself in the world of TypeScript. Starting from a broad overview, delve into basic and advanced types, learn about type inference and type annotations, understand functions, classes, interfaces, and generics in TypeScript, and finally, explore various compiler options.

React Basics

Lay a solid foundation with the basics of React. Understand JSX and React components, explore Props and State in TypeScript, master event handling, and dive into conditional and list rendering. Learn to work with forms and inputs, unravel the component lifecycle methods, and get a grasp on hooks, including useState, useEffect, and useRef.

State Management

Manage your application's state efficiently and effectively. Start with an introduction to state management, then dive deep into the useReducer and useContext hooks provided by React. Explore the Redux toolkit for larger applications and learn how to persist state across sessions using local storage.

Style and Design

Discover the art and science of creating appealing UIs. Start with the basics of Figma, follow a design system, and learn to work with images and typography. Understand inline styles, CSS Modules, and the utility-first CSS library - Tailwind CSS. Master responsive design to build mobile-friendly apps.

Advanced React

Dive deeper into React and explore advanced topics that will boost your skill set. Understand the importance of advanced React techniques, fetch data from servers effectively, create advanced custom hooks, and learn how to use React Suspense. Enhance the quality of your code with Strict Mode and linting, learn how to test your components with Jest, and gain the skills to debug your React applications effectively.

Optimizing Performance

Learn how to make your React applications run more efficiently and effectively. Master useMemo and useCallback for optimization, implement lazy loading and dynamic imports for efficient code execution. Understand the power of memoization and the benefits of virtualization. Familiarize yourself with the practice of code splitting and optimize your network requests to ensure your application is performing at its best.

Building a Real-World Project

Put all your learning to the test by building a full-fledged eCommerce platform. This hands-on section will guide you through setting up the layout, implementing features like Dark mode, connecting to the backend, managing products, and creating a shopping cart. Get real-world experience in handling payments with Stripe, working with post-payment business logic, and preparing your project for production. The final lessons will conclude the course and help consolidate all that you've learned.

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Master React with TypeScript

62 Lessons | +24 hours
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