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Coinbase Clone


Hey 👋

Welcome back my friend.

About this app

This is a pixel-perfect Coinbase clone, with real data fetched from APIs like Coin Market Cap, Crypto Compare, and Coinbase.


You can use Yarn or NPM to install the dependencies. In this case we use Yarn.

yarn add @react-navigation/bottom-tabs
yarn add @react-navigation/native
yarn add @react-navigation/stack
yarn add react-native-draggable-flatlist
yarn add react-native-reanimated
yarn add react-native-webview
yarn add react-redux redux-thunk
yarn add expo-haptics
yarn add expo-web-browser


I'm a big fan of the Coinbase app and the fact that is built using React Native is really exciting to me, that's why I decided to make this project. I hope you enjoy it.

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