Postmate AI

Incorporating GPT-3 to Deliver Intelligent Real-Time Assistance

What do you get buying this project?

By investing in this project, you will acquire a fully functional, comprehensive React Native Application designed to facilitate seamless user interaction with OpenAI models like ChatGPT.

Given the dominant presence of AI in today's world, it's crucial for us, as developers, to leverage this incredible technology. This application is designed to assist us in doing exactly that.


  • Framework: React Native Expo (SDK 48) 🚀
  • Language: TypeScript🔹
  • State Management: Redux Toolkit

Features of This App

User Interface & User Experience (UI & UX)

This project primarily emphasizes delivering an exceptional user experience alongside a clean and aesthetically pleasing UI.

Integration with OpenAI Models

It comes with an integrated interface for interaction with OpenAI models like ChatGPT, which can be leveraged for multiple purposes such as learning, entertainment, and professional tasks.


This app fully supports dark mode through the use of a native colors plugin, eliminating the need for manual color selection. Simply define your color preferences in the app.json file, and they will automatically adapt to the device's color scheme.

Markdown Integration

To handle the conversations with AI models dynamically, consistently, and in a manner that is easy to scale, we've incorporated markdown functionality into our React Native application. This feature empowers us to train the AI model to respond using markdown, allowing us to present beautifully styled messages to users. It facilitates a range of formatting options including titles, bold and italicized text, paragraphs, and even code blocks, for a more engaging and readable conversation display.

Animations and Transitions

In our quest to offer users a fluid and visually appealing experience, we've implemented smooth transitions and animations using reliable libraries like react-native-gesture-handler and lottie-react-native. These tools aid in creating a more engaging and dynamic user interface.


To fully capitalize on the benefits offered by this project, you'll need:

  • Proficiency in React Native
  • Familiarity with TypeScript
  • Ability to implement your own endpoint for communication with AI Models

How to Run

  • Download the project to your local machine.
  • Once downloaded, navigate to the project folder.
  • Open the project on VSCode or your favorite IDE
  • Install dependencies with yarn
  • Prebuild the project (we use some libraries that require native code, that's why we need to build the project)
    npx expo prebuild -p ios
    This will generate the ios folder
  • Finally run the App with:
    yarn ios

Please be aware that this project has not been tested on Android. Some modifications might be necessary if you wish to run it on an Android device. Particularly, the use of the react-native-ios-context-menu library, which is specific to iOS, would need to be addressed. If you're planning to test for Android, it's recommended to replace the Message component with a standard view.

That's it 🎉

We are thrilled to offer you this app, and we hope it proves to be immensely helpful. Purchase it now to get started.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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