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Hidden Letter

What is this project about?

In this video tutorial, we will be creating a fun and interactive game called "Hidden Letter" using React. This game involves a grid of letters, where the player has to try to find a hidden letter by clicking on the different squares.

To get started, we will first set up our development environment by installing the necessary tools and libraries. This will include Node.js, the React library, and any other dependencies that we need.

Next, we will create the basic structure of our game using React components. This will include the main game board, as well as the individual squares that make up the grid. We will also create a few helper functions to handle the logic of the game, such as selecting a square and checking if the hidden letter has been found.

Once we have the basic structure in place, we can start adding some styling and interactivity to our game. This will include adding CSS styles to make the game look visually appealing, as well as adding event listeners to handle player input.

Finally, we will test our game to make sure everything is working as expected. This will involve trying out different scenarios and making any necessary adjustments to the code.

With these steps, you should be able to create your own version of the "Hidden Letter" game using React. Happy coding!

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